Being ready for school physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, is an important consideration for any student coming to BAIS.

Age Qualification

Kindergarten 1 students will not be accepted unless they are at least three years of age at the time school begins. First grade students must be six years of age at the time school begins.


Students who apply should complete the following steps:

1. Present a completed application form (available in the front office).
2. Bring the following to the office attached with the application form:

Thai students

A. Copy of Birth Certificate

B. Two Passport-size photos

C. A current health certificate

D. A copy of immunizations

E. Grade reports from previous school

Foreign Students

A. Passport

B. Parent’s work permit

C. Visa stamped on passport

D. Grade reports from previous school

3. If application is approved, pay registration fee. Check with the Administration Office.

Placement Test

The school will administer placement tests, both written and oral, to determine the applicant’s (Grade 1-8) proficiency in English Language, and Mathematics.