Our Logo


The colorful and rich history of this educational establishment and its bright future represented in the new logo. The general design of the logo is heavily based on the traditional Thai designs and architecture. The logo features a shield on a red and white field symbolizing the sacrifice and purity of Christ. On the edges of the shield are green stylized leaves as a reminder that true education does not end but it is a process of continual growth and learning. Like sheaves of wheat, they represent fullness and prosperity.

On the center of the shield is a globe resting on a book with flames fanning out around the globe. This book stands for true knowledge which comes from a solid foundation on the Bible. The flames encircling the world is a symbol of the Three Angels’ Message and a reminder of this institution’s mission to spread the Gospel of Christ to all corners of the world. The outline of the country of Thailand is visible on the globe and is heavily shaded in black with the outline of a cross over the area of Bangkok showing the location of the school and representing its purpose which is to shine as a beacon for Christ.